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About us

Radiant Enterprises Real Estate.

Radiant Real Estate holds a strong commitment towards developing thriving communities that improve resident lives as well as their surrounding areas. In doing so, we offer premium properties that fulfill customer demands whilst simultaneously enhancing communal wellness. Transparency in business practices is key; thus we consistently uphold core values like integrity and excellence at every stage of development which has helped us gain trust from investors, stakeholders as well as loyal customers who have placed confidence in us.

Our Projects

Radiant Square is an innovative multi-tower mixed-use development located in Reem Island, developed by Radiant Enterprises Real Estate Company. Comprising of five towers, Radiant Square is designed to meet the diverse needs of its occupants. The project offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, retail shops, and a variety of amenities and facilities for residents to enjoy. With a focus on providing a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, Radiant Square is the perfect place for those seeking a modern and sustainable community.

Radiant Bay - Radiant Square

Radiant Bay

Radiant Bay is a part of the larger Radiant Square development, a multi-tower mixed-use project located in Reem Island. As one of the towers in this iconic development, Radiant Bay offers all the benefits of a vibrant and thriving
community, The building has 7 podiums and 22 floors including luxurious living, world-class amenities, and stunning waterfront views. With its prime location and connection to the larger Radiant Square project, residents of Radiant Bay can enjoy a wide range of amenities and facilities at their doorstep.

Radiant Viewz 1 & 2 - Radiant Square

Radiant Viewz 1 & 2

Radiant Views is a stunning development comprising of two connected buildings that offer spacious duplex residential units with a wide variety of stunning views overlooking Reem Island. With seven podiums and 28 floors in each building, residents can enjoy an elevated living experience in one of the most sought-after locations in Abu Dhabi. Whether you are looking for a comfortable home for your family or a spacious living area for yourself, Radiant Views offers a range of luxurious options to suit your needs. With world-class amenities and exceptional design, this development is the perfect choice for those seeking a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Radiant Boulevard - Radiant Square

Radiant Boulevard

Radiant Boulevard is a remarkable high-rise building located in the bustling area of Reem Island. Overlooking the Shams Boutik Mall and a vast Boulevard, it offers an ideal choice for larger families seeking a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Boasting 7 podiums and 29 floors, the building provides ample living space with stunning views of the city. Radiant Boulevard is a prime example of modern design and luxurious living, providing its residents with an unparalleled experience of comfort and convenience.

Radiant Height - Radiant Square

Radiant Height

Radiant Height is a truly impressive mix-use tower situated in the heart of Reem Island. This iconic building boasts stunning sea view duplex units and spacious offices, making it an ideal choice for both residents and business owners. With 7 podiums and 40 floors, Radiant Height offers a range of amenities and facilities designed to provide residents and tenants with the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Whether you’re looking for a stylish and modern home or a professional and inspiring workspace, Radiant Height is the perfect place to call home or establish your business in Abu Dhabi.

Why US

With a focus on delivering high-quality properties that meet the needs and aspirations of its customers, Radiant Real Estate also prioritizes the overall well-being of the communities it serves. The company upholds a strong commitment to integrity, transparency, and excellence in all aspects of its business. This dedication to quality is reflected in every project, making Radiant Real Estate a trusted and respected partner for its customers, investors, and stakeholders.


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